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can’t wait/don’t wanna

indulge me in a very nostalgic/sentimental post if you will…

can’t wait to see all my friends back home!  i can’t wait to chill with rachel and watch crappy, crappy twilight and start writing a script together.  so looking forward to my batman marathon with JEFF ZIEBA!  also, casino buffet (yeah i just said it) with my joshy poo is going to be amazing. planning her wedding and watching the last two harry potters with mo is going to be SO MUCH FUN. 

and let’s not forget - LET’S NOT FORGET (#biglebowski) all of the stuff kolton and i are going to do like have a bonfire, lay in the hammock i bought 2 years ago but never got a chance to use, head to toronto for visits with NATALIA AND KALENNNNNN and chinh, and a trip to montreal, and day trips to michigan to ease kolton into where his new home will most likely be.

plus, just hanging out with my mom is going to be AWESOME.  i look forward to some walks, some dr. phil time, and OMG JUST HANGING OUT.

MEXICAN TOWN double date with may and d.

visiting my cousins in their new towns!

and hanging out with mr. lucier-belleperche whilst watching powerpuff girls and x-men first class (apparently) and eating mass quantities of taco bell.

and there’s everyone else that i haven’t seen in way too long.  i can’t wait to get home and catch up with everyone!!  i’m so excited to see everyone! I’VE MISSED YOU ALL SO MUCH!!

don’t wanna leave rym!  or uyoyo!  or james!  these guys were the best classmates and friends.  and in rym’s case, add housemate to that list.  i honestly hope that i can stay in touch with all of them and come back to visit them or have them come visit me (even if we meet up in a much more exciting location than tecumseh).  i don’t want to say goodbye to rym!  :(


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almost there

i’ve got a month and a half left here.  which in terms of seeing my friends and family again still feels like forever, but in terms of finishing my dissertation feels like tomorrow.  

it’s hit me lately that i’ve been gone for almost a year and a half.  at times, it’s felt like it’s gone SO SLOW and at other times it’s gone by so fast.  like honestly, a year and a half??  my experience is a toddler already!  

it’s funny how my feelings about things have changed in just under 18 months.  for one, i’m no longer in love with the british accent.  i actually find it almost annoying at times now.  if you had told me that 1.5 years ago, i never would have believed you.  before this, i always pictured myself in a big city.  and maybe it’s just that london’s not the perfect city for me (i’m still convinced nyc is the greatest city in the world), but i think it’s actually that i’ve done life in a big city and i’m ready for something different now.  

part of going home means growing up.  i could argue that moving to london on my own with no job prospects or any real solid plan was like a crash course in growing up.  but going home means setting up a life.  no more transitory phase.  it means finding a job (one that i can actually stand and hopefully love) and figuring out the weird yet exciting prospect of where i’m going to live (at first this means my mom’s house or kolton’s house, but then on a grander scale, where in the world kolton and i will live).  it means having responsibilities outside of my own personal crap.  

and how i feel about this varies from day to day.  i mean, it’s always kind of scary, but some days it’s exciting and other days it’s purely terrifying.  today it’s leaning towards terrifying.

well, at least i still have a month and a half to figure it out.

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can’t wait/don’t wanna

can’t waitto walk down the street and actually be able to smile at someone and have them smile back.  or basically be anywhere in public and practice in social niceties and have someone observe them as well.  i don’t know if this is a london-specific thing or just a big city thing, but people look at you like you’re crazy if you smile at them or say hello!  and actually, come to think of it, that might be for a good reason.  one night, i was walking home from the bus stop by myself pretty late and whilst passing me, this dude said “you alright?”  which is basically the version of “hey” or “how’s it going” here.  so i just smiled and kept on walking.  the next thing i know, he’s turned around and started walking behind me telling me to stop and come talk to him.  he followed me for about a block before heading back in the direction he was going.  it was actually pretty terrifying and i was happy i was wearing my docs in case i needed to kick him somewhere.  but if that’s the sort of reaction people get when they simply smile, then i can see why people are leery about engaging in even the smallest pleasantries with strangers.  back home, if you’re walking anywhere, you smile at people or give them a little head nod as a way of saying hello and if the people don’t reciprocate, they’re considered rude.  here it’s just normal.  i’m looking forward to the niceties again.

don’t wanna leave a place where people call me “love.”  “where to, love?” “what can i get you, love?” “you alright, love?”  I LOVE IT! 


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my limey rant

fair warning from the title, this is a rant.  what am i ranting about?  the pretentious bit of brits.  i’m by no means saying that all british people are pretentious and not even that the ones that are pretentious act that way all of the time.  but it exists.  a lot.  and i’m getting sick of it.  from what i’ve witnessed, british people tend to be pretentious on 2 main fronts: pronunciation and anti-americanism as “british pride.”


i’ve ranted about this before, i believe, by saying that “anthony” should not be pronounced “antony” and “leicester” should not sound like “lester.”  okay fine.  but this rant was brought on because the other day i actually heard a british woman ordered a “shamomile” tea.  SHAMOMILE!?  seriously?  no my dear, the word you are TRYING to pronounce is “chamomile.”  for people that invented english (as they so quickly remind you when you “mispronounce” something), they apparently don’t understand how to sound words out.  apparently in an entirely british world, we wouldn’t go to school, but “shool.”  a person wouldn’t be called a character, but rather a “sharater.”  you wouldn’t possess charisma; instead you’d have “sharisma.”  you get the point.  

what’s more, the brits won’t even admit that these crazy way of pronouncing things don’t make sense!  my boss pointed out to me that since north americans say kansas (the state), it only makes sense that arkansas should be pronounced AR-kansas.  i can see his point and frankly, that makes sense.  i can see why non-north americans pronounce it that way (a quick poll at home to my italian and french flatmates proved that it’s not only british people who are mispronouncing that arkansas).  but i have yet to meet a brit who will admit that if you pronounce “the” with a soft ”th,” then it makes sense that you would call it the river thames (and not tames).  ADMIT IT!! THAT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE!!!

"british pride"

 using the same example of chamomile vs. shamomile, let me tell you what happened when i told my coworkers (who are british) about overhearing this.  my one coworker exclaimed “must’ve been an american!”  ahem, it was a british person.  oh yes, brits looooove to dump on americans.  they do whatever they can to reinforce the (misinformed) stereotype of americans being stupid and having no sense of humour about themselves.  this is hilarious to me because brits are known for having a great sense of humour.  but sweet jesus, just watch what happens when they are criticized or held responsible as a nation.  when the big BP oil spill happened, everyone here was so pissed at obama because he kept calling BP “BRITISH petroleum” (…that’s what it stands for!!!)  they claimed by him reinforcing that it was BRITISH petroleum, he was blaming britain for the disaster. 

for a nation of people that is supposed to be polite and respectful, i find this a farce since they know i’m a dual citizen between canada and u.s., yet they still put americans down in front of me.  (and it’s not to take the mickey, i assure you.)

basically, i’m just sick of brits slinging americans for being ignorant and arrogant when really, that’s the exact way that lots of brits act.

so i just want to say to brits who act pretentious, cut the shit.  and as for finding british accents hot, i’m so past that now.  …irish accents on the other hand…


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Enjoyed reading your article….can you post pics here of the park and such?

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visitors, trips, and good-times in general

so i’ve had a fairly busy last couple of weeks.  my cousins came to visit me at the end of may and just left today.  boooo to having people leave but yayyyy that they actually came!  even though i had just seen them a month before when i went home, i missed them a lot and it’s always great to have people visit me here.  london is a lot more fun when you have people you love to share it with!

while they were here, they did a mini-trip to paris by themselves while i finished up my final assignments for this semester.  and what’s that?? oh yeahhhh i’m done with classes! whoop whoop!  now i have just under 3 months to finish researching and write my 15,000 word dissertation on george romero.  i shall be a busy bee but i already feel a vast improvement in my general mood and energy just knowing that after sitting in an office for 8 hours, i don’t have to rush off to go sit in a classroom for another 3 hours.  i might actually start to exercise again!  holy crap.  the only downside is i no longer get to leave work at 1 p.m. on fridays.  wah wahhhhh.

also, while they were gone, i went to see moby at the roundhouse.  HOLY EFFING CRAP can i please just say how lucky i am sometimes?  so i’ve seen moby roughly 7 times now (either playing live or dj-ing a set) and i’ve you know…interviewed him over the phone, wrote an article about that interview, and then met him after a show a few months later and got him to sign the article i wrote…so basically my LIFE GOAL.  but then i go see him here at this awesome venue and find out they were recording the entire concert and burning 200 limited edition copies of the show right then and there!  so i purchased a voucher for the cd because obviously i needed to own that so my (non-existent) kids will someday realize how amazing and awesome their mom was (is).  THEN i find out that he’s autographed the first 15 copies.  …guess who got number 4?  whoop whoop!  and as always, the show was fantastic and i was moved to tears about 89% of the time as per usual when i see him. 

the next day, my cousins came back and we spent the night watching youtube videos on my laptop.  saturday we flew off to dublin.  DUBLIN IS AWESOME.  okay maybe it was so awesome because we were only there for about 2 days so we didn’t have time to get bored or anything like that, but honestly, we’re STILL talking about it and how much we all want to go back.  firstly, everyone there is so unbelievably charming and nice.  and they all sing ALL THE TIME.  how is it possible that an entire city (and from what i’ve heard, country) loves to sing and is actually fantastic at it?  we were staying temple bar area which i would highly recommend to anyone headed to dublin.  it’s a great area full of pubs and singers and street performers.  sunday night we went out to temple bar to take part in a pub-wide singalong.  i think it was the most fun i’ve had since being the UK.  and after a few pints of bulmers, i had no problem belting out the lyrics to “the galway girl” with the rest of the pub…that actually became our song for the rest of the trip.  oh and get this…the guy playing guitar that night is actually taking part in breaking a guinness world record starting on sunday!  it’s for the longest time playing guitar…which is over 100 hours!!!  here is a link to dave browne’s guinness world record attempt page on temple bar’s website.  they’ll be streaming the performance live and taking requests.  honestly, check it out…he’s amazing and he’ll be playing for FOUR DAYS!

when we were in dublin, we also did a day trip to the wicklow mountains national park (yes, the one from p.s. i love you and yes, it was gorgeous) and to glendalough (guess how long it took us to pronounce that one properly).  the country is beautiful.  it made me want to go hiking and that’s saying something.  we also did a ghost bus tour which was kinda lame but therefore hilarious and i impressed the guide with my knowledge of random useless movie trivia.  our last day there we went to the leprechaun museum which was a bit of a money grab but we got to play around in a room where the furniture made you feel like a leprechaun and we had a tour guide sing songs for us so it was perfect. 

the rest of the time in london was pretty relaxed.  we went to topshop to get this weird pedicure where you stick your feet in a tank full of fish who proceed to eat the dead skin off of you.  yeah, it’s weird and gross and tickly but our feet did feel smoother!  and come on…we had to try it.  we also stumbled across the canadian bar in covent garden last night (the maple leaf) and ate there for dinner.  HOCKEY WAS ON THE TV!!! so awesome to be in a bar and NOT see soccer!  plus, it’s hockey so you know…that ruled.  and when we left boston was up 4-0 so i was especially happy about that.

all in all, it’s been a great 2 weeks and i’m bummed to be on my own again.  although i will say, i definitely could use some sleep!  having people visit is exhausting!  you actually go do things. lol

now i’ve got a double feature at the pcc to look forward to (the thing and an american werewolf in london), the harry potter premiere in july, various museums/areas i haven’t explored here yet, and going to see much ado about nothing at the globe theater at the end of august.  should be a good summer!

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can’t wait/don’t wanna

mini update: working full time and going to school full time = NO LIFE!  my semester is winding down which means i have a 5000 word essay to finish, a 35 page screenplay to edit down to 30 pages, and 10-20 minute presentation to put together on the research i’ve been doing thus far for my dissertation.  plus my cousins are coming to visit me (yay!!) on saturday but all this equals a shit storm of a to-do list. 

can’t wait to walk on the sidewalk/through the mall/cross the street/basically any public place and have people stick to their side.  people of london, i have two words for you: INVISIBLE LANES.  people here walk wherever the hell they want and what should be a 20 minute walk in this city will take you roughly 45 minutes on a packed sidewalk.  my mom was just recently in nyc and even she said that the sidewalks in new york at 5 p.m. can’t compare to the sidewalks in london at the same time.  at least in new york, people walk like they drive so you can get around.  in london, there are no unwritten rules about this and it’s just a free for all.  even with the tourists, you would expect nyc to compare with london on this front but oh no…it’s so much worse here.  maybe it’s because british people walk on the left hand side because that’s how they’re used to driving and tourists from the continent walk on the right hand side because that’s how THEY’RE used to driving, and it formulates into people walking 6 wide and blocking the whole sidewalk.  it makes me crazy!  i have become about as zen as i can about the whole thing, which is saying a lot for me, but after 14 months, i really can’t take it anymore.

don’t wanna have to pay like $1400 for a flight to europe.  my cousins and i are flying to dublin for a small trip when they’re here and our flight was something like £87 per person.  i can usually fly to the continent for around £100.  good god i’m going to miss being able to say “oh i’m just headed to _________ (paris/berlin/amsterdam/etc.) for a long weekend.”


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4 months to go

wow.  i have 4 months left here. 

ask me if i’m happy or sad about that…i honestly have no idea anymore.  well, okay i do have SOME idea.  i miss my family, friends, and kolton WAY TOO MUCH now.  it’s not fun.

but i recently went home for a little surprise visit (kolton, my best friend, and my nonna didn’t know i was coming) and i was ridiculously bored at home.  kolt and i celebrated our 5 year anniversary while i was home (which was about 4 days before the actual date but you learn to be flexible when you haven’t seen each other in 3 months).  but on the day we celebrated, we kept trying to think of something fun to do.  it ended up being a great day…i mean, we were TOGETHER…that alone constitutes a great day.  we went to pet smart because we like to torture ourselves by looking at the cute animals.  we saw a movie.  we ate at both taco bell AND basil court.  but i dunno, i would have loved to have gone to the pcc or hampstead heath or camden market or just go hang out in leicester square.  it stinks to know i’m moving back to a city where, in my opinion, the best feature is its proximity to the states.

and then i get back here, to all the amazing stuff i just mentioned…and all i want to do is go home.  sure, i was jet-lagged.  sure, it stinks to spend 10 days with your loved ones and then have to leave them again.  and yes, it’s certainly stressful to come back to a mountain of schoolwork.  but all i seem to be able to focus on is going home in 4 months (or 17 saturdays). 

one of my flatmates pointed out to me that i pretty much secluded myself for a good month before i went home for my visit.  and it’s true.  i totally have been doing nothing but going to work and school and then coming home and laying in bed.  pretty much all of my weekends are spent in my room.  shit, saturday, i didn’t even shower until 6 p.m. and i only left my room to pee and get food. 

cue me crying on the phone to my mom.  she pointed out to me that part of the reason why 4 months seems so long is because 4 months is so short.  and really, i live in one of the coolest cities in the world.  summertime is coming and there will be tons of stuff going on.  i know all this, it’s just that i don’t seem to care at the moment.  so, i’ve decided to fake it until i make it.  i’m forcing myself to do things i would say “no” to as of late.  sunday, my flatmates asked if i wanted to work out in the backyard with them.  i usually would’ve said no and gone back up to my room, but instead i said yes.  and despite being in extreme pain for the last 2 days, i’m glad i said yes, because it was actually fun.  it took me out of my own head (and room). 

so instead of focusing on how much i miss everyone back home, i’m trying to focus on all the stuff in london i’ll miss when i leave.  plus all the cool stuff i’ve already done here…like seeing moby dj a tiny club from midnight til 2 a.m.  I SAW MOBY DJ IN LONDON.  come on, seriously…my life is awesome right now and i’m sure that within a decade, i’ll be up to my eyeballs in poopy diapers and longing for these days. 

therefore, i’ve begun operation: london to-do list.  it’s going to be tricky because i still have a month of assignments left for this semester and then june begins and i have my massive dissertation to focus on, but i’m trying to check off everything in london that i wanted to do in my remaining time.  i’m going to the harry potter premiere in leicester square in july.  i booked a ticket for much ado about nothing at the GLOBE THEATER in august.  moby’s showing his new photographs from the destroyedalbum/book he’s releasing at the proud gallery in camden market…i shall be there. 

besides that, i have a ton of museums to hit up.  i still have to go on the london eye.  i should also go to a secret cinema viewing…  SO MUCH TO DO AND ONLY 4 MONTHS TO DO IT IN!


Who is your cousin that I may have met!?

Asked by crustina


vanessa.  she would have been there with her mom, mary anne.

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can’t wait/don’t wanna

cant wait to drive again.  i miss my baby (aka car).  the weather is beautiful here in london so it’s making me want to drive with my windows rolled down blaring “muzzle of bees” by wilco.  i am so so so so so excited to drive again.  just for driving, but also for shopping.  it will be so nice to not have to figure out how many bags to bring with me when i leave the house to go grocery shopping (max 2 big canvas bags cuz that’s all i can carry).  oh and to go to the library without a backpack!  my backpack has become essential for hauling books to and from the library.  obviously if i had a car, the amount of books wouldn’t change, but i would just have to carry the heavy load like 5 steps to my car and then throw it in the backseat instead of trekking a minimum of 20 minutes home.  OMG I WANT MY CAR AND I WANT TO DRIVE.

don’t wanna drive when i go out.  for all of us out there who belong to the club of “easy drunks,” public transportation is awesome.  i love being able to imbibe and not having to worry about how i’ll get home.  please note: i don’t go to clubs/pubs/bars that much and even if i do, i usually have 2 drinks max.  but i’m the type of person who wouldn’t drive even after half a drink because i couldn’t be trusted behind a wheel of a car.  for this reason, night buses and the underground are fantabulous and it’s going to suck having to arrange who is going to be the DD every time i go out back home.

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can’t wait/don’t wanna

so with less than 6 months left here in london, i figured i now have a pretty good sense of what i love here and what i love back home.  i know what i miss the most and what i don’t want to leave behind.  therefore, from time to time, you’ll see posts called “can’t wait/don’t wanna”…aka one thing that i can’t wait for back home and one thing that i don’t want to leave here.  they may not necessarily be related, but most likely they will be.

can’t wait to watch SNL, the daily show, the colbert report, the soup, and dr. phil.  these are shows that i can’t watch online here (because i don’t live in the right region or because they just aren’t available online).  and they’re not even shows that i would necessarily watch every single time they are on or anything like that (with the exception of the soup).  but i just miss stumbling across them or being excited for a certain guest or something like that.  i’m bummed that oprah will officially be off the air when i get home.  i grew up watching her almost every day with my mom. 

don’t wanna leave behind the prince charles cinema in leicester square.  it’s my new favourite place.  they show first run films and old classics as well.  plus if you’re a member, which i am, you get discounted tickets.  last sunday, i went to see blue valentine for £4.  and when they start showing black swan, i’ll be all up in the hizzee.  when kolton visited at christmas we saw goodfellas there which was so cool because we were both too young to see it on a big screen when it was first released.  ahhh i just love this place.

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this is a rap about my hometown…watch it and you will understand why i left.

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